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16 Brilliant Tweets on Childish Gambino’s This Is America

Sunday morning, I woke up to a frenzy of tweets hailing Childish Gambino as a genius. If you happened to have been watching SNL or catching up on Atlanta and witnessed the brilliance of his alter ego Donald Glover— this is not news. What many of us were not expecting was for Childish Gambino to enrich our lives and minds with new music. Embedded in a tweet, I watched a two minute clip in which an ever-gleeful, dancing Gambino (moves was real smoove though, not going to lie) extinguishes a group of choir members with an automatic rifle in 3 seconds, flat. Jaw-drop. Heart-sink. Not the ideal visual for a Christian girl to witness on a Sunday morning. To be perfectly honest, I was bothered. But recalling Gambino’s perplexing music video catalog, I sensed there was a lot more going on here than gratuitous violence.

…Alright, Mr. Gambino. You have my attention. 

If you haven’t, watch the new music video for This Is America… and then watch it again before reading the tweets below.

If you’ve ever tried to decode a Childish Gambino music video, you know the straight-up weirdness of it can be jarring (and at times off-putting) but you also know that among the seemingly ordinary setting, deadpan recitation of lyrics (though not really in the case of This Is America), and sprinklings of the surreal, there’s a vital truth hiding there in plain sight. In This Is America the message—a call to action—is made plain after a few viewings when apparitions begin to unearth themselves as very real and tangible: If you’re not already woke, you need to wake up.

After the video dropped, Twitter went in, tweeting  some helpful commentary in attempts to decode the mindf*ck that is This Is America.  Ideas were exchanged about gun violence, desensitization, and even minstrelsy. The conversation is still happening. There are still so many things that we’ve yet to cover. To start, here are 16 Tweets about the video, its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, moments, and thoughts that delve deeper into Childish Gambino message.

































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