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7 Tweets from @theSlumflower to Help You Get Your Life Right

If you didn’t already know, Chidera Eggerue (AKA @theSlumflower) is a star. An award winning blogger based out of London, Chidera is the bold pioneer of the #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement and her audacious display of self-acceptance and body positivity has inspired so many (as evidenced by the many self-affirming women popping up in Chidera’s mentions everyday). For me, who—in addition to having saggy boobs—deals with self-doubt on the daily, Chidera’s radical self-love has stirred a new confidence in me. At only 23, Chidera is a fount of wisdom and to be honest, it’s her wise-beyond-her-years tweets that have started to chip away at the damaging thought processes I’ve amassed over my 29 years.  

To understand what I mean, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and check her blog. But first have a look at these thought-altering tweets straight from her Twitter feed.

@theSlumflower on Why #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER

@theSlumflower on Trusting the Process

@theSlumflower on Radical Self-Love

@theSlumflower on How We Grow

@theSlumflower on Setting Worthy Life Goals

@theSlumflower on Knowing Your Worth

@theSlumflower Going Places

Visit Chidera’s blog.

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