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7 Tweets from @theSlumflower to Help You Get Your Life Right

If you didn’t already know, Chidera Eggerue (AKA @theSlumflower) is a star. An award winning blogger based out of London, Chidera is the bold pioneer of the #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement and her audacious display of self-acceptance and body positivity has inspired so many (as evidenced by the many self-affirming women popping up in Chidera’s mentions everyday). For me, who—in addition to having saggy boobs—deals with self-doubt on the daily, Chidera’s radical self-love has stirred a new confidence in me. At only 23, Chidera is a fount of wisdom and to be honest, it’s her wise-beyond-her-years tweets that have started to chip away at the damaging thought processes I’ve amassed over my 29 years.  

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Can We Talk About Killmonger’s Museum Look?

Of the many movements our collective trip to Wakanda has inspired, a move toward a wardrobe full of African pride is one of the more exciting ones. There were so many outfits I wanted to steal from the Black Panther lookbook: Okoye, Nakia, and T’Challa’s fashionable nod to Pan-Africanism in the casino scene, Agent Ross’s monochromatic dashiki-hospital gown, King T’Challa’s press conference look with that glorious scarf draped over his shoulder—all in my top 5. But the one look I wanted to snatch up on the spot? Erik “Killmonger” Stevens’s museum-heisting look.

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HWIL: Issue No. 002 — New Fiction from Khaled Hosseini

Khaled Hosseini Announces New Book



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50 Beautiful Book Covers Featuring Black Women


Aubrey Plaza Teases Second Season of LEGION

WTF did I just watch???

Black Panther Looks and the Traditions That Inspired Them

We’ll never be done with Black Panther

Quinta Brunson to Star in CW Pilot

Black Girl Magic

Phoebe Robinson on Desus and Mero

Black. Girl. Magic.

Watch Black Panther Director, Ryan Coogler, Break Down the Casino Scene

It’ll blow your mind.

The Best Things About Marvel’s Black Panther

It wasn’t until my butt was in a chair in an IMAX theater Thursday night that I realized what this movie would mean to me. Black Panther had been on my mind for the better part of the months following the first trailer premiere—when we got a glimpse of the grandeur Wakanda would dazzle us with. I talked to everyone who would listen about Danai Gurira’s involvement, squirreled Black Panther into the Off the Shelf editorial calendar at work, and accosted family and friends to make room for a screening or two. But on Thursday night, I had butterflies. I was expecting something to go wrong: What if the accents are terrible? What if it’s corny? What if I shouldn’t have believed the hype? I’ve never walked into a theater with these thoughts, these fears, because there has yet to be a film like this one where black people are the heroes of their own story, where melanin and beauty and strength are one in the same, where the narrative would depart from the poverty-stricken war-torn Africa the world seems so obsessed with. 

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HWIL: Issue No. 001 —Black Panther Edition

My favorite Black Panther links of the week

Black Panther is now in theaters!

See what the critics are saying.

5 Books to Read After You’ve Seen Black Panther

Curated and written by yours truly

Superhero Bae, Chadwick Boseman, Stops by the Elvis Duran Show

The charm tour continues

Michael B. Jordan on Desus & Mero


Meet the Ladies of Wakanda

Danai Gurira (AKA #1 Girl Crush) on FabookLive with The Build Series

The actress discusses the historic movie

Lupita Nyong’o shares her thoughts on Black Panther and the power dynamics between black men and women

Meet Black Panther’s Breakout Star Letitia Wright

You might recognize her from that episode of Black Mirror

Here’s What Books Mean to Me: 5 All-Time Favorites

During a stay in Nigeria—knowing there’d be long periods where we’d languish without electricity—I brought one book: Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Not one to appreciate “throat-clearing,” (I usually skip the introductions—sorry, not sorry), I detachedly skimmed the letters and moved right into the “action.” Every night before bed, my sister, my cousin Deborah, and I would read. Only for me, it felt like the action was always out of reach. Perhaps I should’ve read the letters? Or maybe I just don’t appreciate good literature…

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Lesson No. 001: Ask Him

Circling the jam-packed lots of malls, churches, and stadiums looking for parking, my mom would do this peculiar thing… We, the passengers, would scoff, laugh to ourselves, or think what is she doing? But nine times out of ten, not only would she immediately find a parking spot, it’d often be damn near VIP-type parking. So, whenever we’d pass up a good time because we predicted the parking prospects would be bleak, mom would pull us in close and let us in on her little secret, “Ask God for a parking spot.”

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