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HWIL: Issue No. 005 — Books Not Bullets

Black Students at Stoneman Douglas High Hold a Press Conference on Gun and Police Violence

“I don’t think anybody’s intentionally excluding them, but nobody’s intentionally including them, either…”


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David Hogg Calls for a Boycott of Laura Ingraham’s Advertisers

And um… wow, Hulu, Nutrish and more are pulling their ads.

Why Sherman Alexie’s Sexual Misconduct Feels Like a Betrayal

“In addition to the women he wronged, Alexie let down the writers of color who needed his help, and the Native writers he eclipsed.”

The Best Black-Owned Restaurants in America

Eat your heart out…

SOCO in Brooklyn, New York

Black Girl Magic All Up & Through the NYT Bestsellers List

Elizabeth Acevedo, Angie Thomas, Tomi Adeyemi…

How to Forgive Those Who Have Harmed You

“Healing is the way to all things good and prosperous.”

Happy Friday, Friends

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