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Raiding Zoey Johnson’s Closet

Along with her A Different World-esque Black-ish spinoff, it’s only right that Zoey Johnson’s wardrobe rise to the standard set by its predecessor. Not only did we look to Denise Huxtable for inspiration during her tenure on The Cosby Show but once on A Different World, we also got Whitley and her “bad and bougie” outfits, Dwayne’s African touches, and—let’s admit it—Ron’s bright silk shirts even captured our attention.

Can We Talk About Killmonger’s Museum Look?

Of the many movements our collective trip to Wakanda has inspired, a move toward a wardrobe full of African pride is one of the more exciting ones. There were so many outfits I wanted to steal from the Black Panther lookbook: Okoye, Nakia, and T’Challa’s fashionable nod to Pan-Africanism in the casino scene, Agent Ross’s monochromatic dashiki-hospital gown, King T’Challa’s press conference look with that glorious scarf draped over his shoulder—all in my top 5. But the one look I wanted to snatch up on the spot? Erik “Killmonger” Stevens’s museum-heisting look.