Month: April 2018

Raiding Zoey Johnson’s Closet

Along with her A Different World-esque Black-ish spinoff, it’s only right that Zoey Johnson’s wardrobe rise to the standard set by its predecessor. Not only did we look to Denise Huxtable for inspiration during her tenure on The Cosby Show but once on A Different World, we also got Whitley and her “bad and bougie” outfits, Dwayne’s African touches, and—let’s admit it—Ron’s bright silk shirts even captured our attention.

25 Thoughts & Questions I Had While Watching That CRAZY LEGION Premiere

Marvel X-Men fans, if FX’s LEGION has flown under your radar you need to get your life. Visually awe-inspiring, delightfully trippy, confusing AF, of all of the Marvel shows and films out there, LEGION is unlike any you have and ever will watch. In season 1, we meet the eccentric and catastrophe-prone, David Haller—AKA LEGION, an omega-level mutant with crazy-intense telekinetic abilities and a split mind (we’re still trying to figure out what that means). If you haven’t watched season 1, stop reading now. All eight episodes are available on Hulu. Watch them and then watch them again (because I promise you, you’ll be confused after one viewing). For the rest of you, I have some things I’d like to discuss with you.

8 Bookstagrammers You Need to Follow Right Now

At the end of  a Book Club Influencer panel, I approached Glory Edim—founder of the Well-Read Black Girl universe and—leaving all professional agenda behind—stuck out my hand and said, “I’ve just always wanted to meet you.” Can you blame me? Glory’s busted the entire world of well-read black girls wide open, promoting black women writers and creating a community for girls like her (like us). By doing this out of her sheer love of books, she’s revealed to publishers the value of black women readership. Naturally, her Instagram is booming with 68K followers (because, if you didn’t know: we show up where we’re represented). This brand of black girl magic is so pervasive that the likes of Lena Waithe was caught wearing a Well-Read Black Girl tee-shirt in her Vanity Fair feature.